GigE Single-Board Camera nu in hogere resolutie

With just 45 x 45 mm the GigE uEye LE has been one of the smallest board level Gigabit Ethernet cameras in the market. Now we are also making it one of the highest resolution models.

In addition to our exceptional global shutter CMOS models with 1.3 and 2 Megapixel we are now offering a 5 Megapixel version.
The UI-5481LE-M features Aptina’s established MT9P031 monochrome sensor making it a great camera for applications that require high detail, such as metrology. The UI-5581LE-C with the MT9P006 makes use of Aptina’s “A-Pix” technology to increase sensitivity, color fidelity and saturation, thus making it the best fit for demanding color imaging applications. Customers in visualization markets will appreciate the ability to stream 1080p Full HD video at 30 fps using the camera’s area-of-interest function (AOI). The cameras offer great flexibility thanks to their space-saving design and cable lengths of up to 100 meters. At full 5 Megapixel resolution (2560x1920 pixel) both models deliver 14 fps. The GigE uEye LE models are available with C/CS-mount or with an S-mount option (M12) for compact micro-video lenses.

Additional hardware features:

• 60 MB internal image memory for ring buffering

• Easy integration through trigger, flash, and 2 general purpose I/Os

• I2C bus for controlling external devices

• C/CS-mount or S-mount option (M12) for compact micro-video lenses

Read everything on the GigE uEye LE at our website.