Nieuwe framegrabbers van Bitflow

Bitflow laat op Vision 2016 diverse nieuwe framegrabbers zien. Zo is er de Axion CL voor high-speed Camera Link, de kleine en kosteneffectieve Aon CXP voor CoaXPress en Cyton CXP4 framegrabber, eveneens voor CoaXPress, maar dan met laatste generatie Gen 2.0 x8 PCI Express bus.


Axion™ CL Frame Grabber
The Axion™-CL is the sixth generation of BitFlow Camera Link frame grabbers. Everything we've learned about making superior CL frame grabbers, plus many refinements from our new suite of CXP products, has been rolled into it. Versatile and powerful, it is fully compatible with every high-speed Camera Link camera available including running two 80-bit/85 MHz cameras simultaneously, and all base/medium/full CL cameras.


Aon™ CXP Frame Grabber
Available the first quarter of 2017, the new Aon-CXP is an ultra low cost single link CoaXPress frame grabber. While it looks tiny, it has all the power of its big brother, the Cyton, and supports CXP camera speeds up to 6.25 Gb/S. CXP cameras -- which in the past were power hungry, large and expensive -- are now small, cool and affordable. The Aon-CXP is the perfect frame grabber for today's CXP cameras.


Cyton™ CXP4 Frame Grabber
The Cyton™ CXP4 four-channel frame grabber is based on the CoaXPress standard. Key to its success is the incorporation of the Gen 2.0 x8 PCI Express bus interface on its back-end, an advancement that doubles the data rate of the Gen 1.0 bus for the ultimate high speed access to host memory in multi-camera systems, while using the same compact footprint and connectors.