Toujours plus grand avec Imperx : Cheetah 31,5 MP avec capteur APS-C

Les caméras Cheetah d’Imperx sont célèbres pour leur conception robuste et leurs excellentes performances à basse luminosité (les caméras étaient initialement conçues pour la NASA). Une caméra CMOS de 31,5 MP dotée d’une résolution de 6 464 x 4 852 en format optique APS-C a récemment été ajoutée à la gamme Cheetah.

The robust design with wide operational temperature range and automatic exposure/gain controls make these cameras attractive for surveillance, defense and aerial imaging applications. These camera’s low-noise, excellent uniformity, and low dark current produce image quality that’s also prized in many inspection applications such as OLED and LCD flat panels, electronics assembly, and more.

The Cheetah CLF-C6420 camera with Camera Link Full interface achieves frame rates up to 17 frames per second, while the POE-C6410 camera with GigE Vision® Power over Ethernet (POE) provides frame rates up to 3.6 frames per second. Both cameras feature the new 31.5MP Sony IMX342 CMOS image sensor with 3.45-micron pixels in a 22.3mm x 16.6mm image area (27.9mm diagonal).

The Cheetah C6420 and C6410 cameras have a compact body size (60.0mm x 60.0mm x 59.5mm) making it an excellent choice for applications with space restrictions and for updating older CCD cameras in existing applications.


Cheetah C6420 / C6410 Features

Global Shutter ● -30 °C to +75 °C Operating, -40 °C to +85 °C Storage ● 8, 10 or 12-bit output Color or monochrome ● 71 dB dyamic range ● Ultra-low dark current ● Auto-exposure and gain control ● Auto-white balance ● Flat Field Correction ● 4 LUTS ● Bad Pixel Correction ● Multiple areas of interest ● Multiple trigger and strobe output modes Opto-isolated inputs and outputs ● GenICam™ Compliant Software interface (C6410 only) ● Field upgradeable firmware

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